About Us

About us

In a somewhat crowded world, simplicity is a magnet. It sets the tone

for every vilmain gift, along with a potent mix of whimsy, inspiration

and function. One look at the “unclutter”, and you’ll understand the

prestigious design awards vilmain has received, not just for product,

but for packaging too.

Expect to be engaged with every piece. Jewelry for the home. Treats for

the table. Office accessories that turn desktops into mini-galleries.

And personal accessories that reverse the spinning of an impersonal

world. All beautifully designed, made in America and priced affordably.

The appeal of understatement cannot be overstated.

Each product in vilmain’s diverse line offers not one, but two

delights. Of course, there is the treasure itself. But - as customers

tell us all the time - it is the elegant presentation that completes a

vilmain gift. Each piece comes nestled in a beautiful gift box,

promising the quality inside. Because the power of a first impression

can never be underestimated.

Hands, Head and Heart.

Judy Vilmain was well along the path her life had taken when she began

to realize she was on the wrong path. After much contemplation, she

left her position as a university professor teaching experimental

psychology in the Midwest, and headed for the east coast to live near

the ocean.

The about-face wasn’t so she could follow her heart, but rather her

hands. Growing up in Iowa, the love of decorative arts was woven into

Judy Vilmain’s nature.

“I come from a long line of women who make things,” she says. “My

mother, grandmother and great grandmother all excelled in handiwork -

embroidery, knitting, crocheting, quiltmaking, weaving, tatting and

lacemaking. My mother’s gift to me was the love of working with my

hands. And today, I’m still compelled by it.

“My father was a physicist, so from him, I get my love of science. He

gave me my appreciation for geometry and nature, which are so much a

part of my designs. His approach to life was simple, rational, direct

and kind.”

That kindness is intricately woven into the Vilmain tapestry, if you

will. Judy’s parents displayed an unflinching lifelong tradition of

volunteerism and philanthropy - principles she reverently puts into

practice because of their example.

So can a girl from Iowa find happiness using her head, her hands and

her heart? With a smile, she sums up the 180-degree turn her life took

over a decade ago. “Now, my former profession is my hobby, and my former

hobby is my profession.”

True success requires a sixth sense.

Judy Vilmain’s dedication to building a sense of community is

unswerving. Poured into the company’s very foundation is a commitment

to embrace conscience in action. Judy has made a promise of good will…

…to employees. The promise is kept with an enrichment program that funds

employee’s continuing education and personal exploration. A yearly contribution

is made to each employee’s charity of choice.

…to non-profits. The promise is kept by donating 10% of annual profits

to local and national non-profit organizations.

…to our environment. The promise is kept by using recycled material

whenever possible. And by donating excess materials to RI Recycling for